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As the Founder / Product Manager of Giant Fox Studios, I conceptualize many projects from the very beginning and end up being the programmer on a few of them as well. This is one game where I did everything except for the artwork. 

Toadled is a Steam and mobile game about a toad that just wants to eat everything. It's a combination of Katamari and Alpaca Evolution. The game over 10 levels, 60 enemies, achievements, leaderboards, stats to upgrade, in app purchaes, incentivized  reward ads, daily bonuses, and an unlockable comic book. 

The game has very positive reviews on all platforms and has been doing better and better with each update.


The game was a hit with let's play reviewers. There are over 3 million total views for videos of people playing through the game on YouTube. Here's an example of someone playing through the game.


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